Farmer’s Market Finds

One of my favorite Spring activities is visiting the local Farmer’s Markets. I live up North, so we are still early in our growing season when it comes to locally sourced fruit and produce. I did make some great purchases though and first on the list was a gluten free pasta salad with Zesty Italian dressing.  So simple and you can use a lot of pantry items. Some of my favorite ingredients include tomatoes, peppers, cukes, cheese, pepperoni, onion, olives. I also suggest broccoli, salami, celery, pepperoncini, fresh herbs.

If you are wondering what this has to do with crafting, I decided to start a Farmer’s Market journal this year. I want to keep track of my favorite vendors, recipes. Such fun to engage with them and share menu ideas. We also have some great crafters, a lot of jewelry makers recycling vintage pieces.

Bye for now, I’ll post pics of my journal as the summer progresses.



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